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The Partners in Play (P3) project - Policy Brief

The Partners in Play Project (P3) is a 4- years 6-month project (2019-2024), implemented by Right to Play (RTP), in partnership with the Ministry of Education and its agencies and community-based organisations. The core play-based learning approach is defined by RTP as “an experiential, participatory and guided approach, which enhances the teaching and learning process and allow girls and boys organise and make sense of the world as they actively engage with their peers and leaders in educational games and activities.”


Policy Recommendations

The learning challenge in Ghanaian basic education schools and how to address them has often focused on a narrow and reductive framing of what learning actually is. It is important to recognise learning as a situated sociocultural process embedded in particular environments with implications for the identity, wellbeing and agency of learners, their families and the wider community. For Ghana, the ambition to make play-based learning an integral part of the learning experience to improve learning outcomes has to reflect deeply on the findings of this study.

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