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Educational Research Unit

The Educational Research unit performs the dual role of conducting research and producing the Institute’s Journal of Educational Development and Practice (JED-P) yearly. The Institute’s mandate of improving teacher education and training in Ghana is to be driven by evidence-based research and through the publication of its journal. The unit has collaborated with local and international research agencies, institutes and experts to produce research evidence to inform policy and practice for teachers, teacher education and education in general.

Outreach Unit

The outreach unit has programmes aimed at organizing professional activities for teachers and other ogranisations involved in the education sector. It has short in-service training for teachers at all levels in the basic schools and the Colleges of Education. Also there are yearly research training events for the 16 Colleges of Education affiliated to UCC, postgraduate students, and lecturers in both public and private higher education institutions; There are also training sessions organised in innovative teaching approaches and assessment practices for the 16 colleges affiliated to UCC, lecturers in both public and private higher education institutions, experienced teachers/mentors, and newly qualified teachers in basic schools.

Assessment Unit

The unit provides consultancies services in assessment for private Higher education institutions, Colleges of Education, secondary and basic schools. The unit is the process of development assessment …..