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Our History and Objectives

The Institute of Education comprises a group of Research Fellows, Lecturers and other Research Associates working under the leadership of the Director, Christine Adu-Yeboah.

Institute of Education is positioned to be a Centre of excellence for education research, innovative professional programme for teachers and other agencies involved in the educational enterprise. This entails the provision of avenues for effective education and professional growth of educational practitioners through the development and periodic review of the teacher education curriculum, organization continuing professional development and promotion of educational research. The Institute of Education has three main units namely ‘Educational Research’, ‘Assessment’ and ‘Outreach’.


Established in 1965 as ‘School of Education’ in the then University College of Cape Coast to function as a liaison between the Universities, the Ministry of Education and all agents of Education in the interest of the continual improvement of teacher education and training in Ghana. In 1973 the name ‘School of Education' was changed by the then senate to ‘Institute of Education'. The main objective of the Institute of Education to maintain the continual improvement of teacher education in Ghana remained unchanged, in addition to serving as the examination body to all the then training colleges, now colleges of education. Meanwhile, the University of Cape Coast, through the Institute of Education maintains its mentoring role to all the Colleges of Education in addition to its 16 affiliated colleges until the first cohort of students in the B. Ed programmes graduate in the year 2022, and thereafter, remain with its 16 colleges.


The Institute of Education members has over the years engaged in research and consultancy for both local and international agencies to research teachers, teacher education, higher education, assessment, etc. Members have worked on research studies funded by DFID, ESRC, UNESCO, World Bank, UNICEF, Hewlett and Flora Foundation, etc.