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Foso College of Education

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Dr. Anthony Baabereyir

College Principal

Foso College of Education

History of Foso College of Education

Foso College of Education is a preferred institution among the committee of Colleges for the training of teachers, mainly for basic schools in Ghana. It was incorporated as a co-educational teacher training college by the first republican administration of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the 15th of November, 1965 under the headship of the late Mr. R. R. Essah.

In its fifty-Four years of existence, FOSCO (as the College is affectionately called by its numerous patrons and stakeholders) has had the dispensation and concession to pilot every major pre-tertiary and now quasi-tertiary teacher training programmes in Ghana. Some of them are the following: 

    1.    2-Year Post-Middle Cert. 'B’

    2.    2-Year Post-'B' Cert. 'A'

    3.    4-Year Post-Middle Cert. 'A’

    4.    2-Year Post-Sec Cert. 'A’

    5.    2-Year Post-'A' Specialist Programme in Agric. Science

    6.    3-Year Post-Sec Specialist Programme in Maths, Science     and  Agric. Science

    7.    2-Year Modular Programme for Untrained Teachers

    8.    2-Year Post-Modular Cert. 'A’

    9.    3-Year Post-Sec Cert. 'A’

    10.    3-Year Diploma in Basic Education

    11.    4-Year Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education

Under the tutelage of the University of Cape Coast, the College has been running Diploma in Basic Education Programmes since the year 2005, for which certificate of accreditation was obtained in September, 2007. In addition, bachelors’ degree programmes have been introduced since September, 2018; and a Certificate of recognition and accreditation have been awarded accordingly. 

In line with its motto: 'Character, Wisdom, Knowledge', the College has a vision which propels it to endeavour to become a centre of academic excellence, intellectual brilliance and professional competence for training quality teachers whose orientation is holistic and consistent with societal and national aspirations and development.

The College is situated on a land area of one square kilometer, off the Cape Coast – Kumasi highway at the southern outskirts of Assin Foso. 

FOSCO is therefore centrally positioned between four major universities; University of Cape Coast (1 hour drive), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (2 hours drive), University of Education, Winneba (2 hours drive), and University of Ghana, Legon (2.5 hours drive). This situation offers opportunities for research, exchange of ideas, experiences and other forms of collaborations with these institutions of higher learning, thereby creating conducive environment for exploring knowledge.

Currently, the College can boast of 38 teaching and 42 non-teaching staff who are competently handling the 1,185 students. 

Residential facilities accommodate 37 teaching staff, 5 non-teaching staff, and a total of 800 levels 100 & 200 regular students. The College also has academic facilities such as classrooms, departmental offices, science laboratories, computer laboratories and a library which greatly facilitate academic work.

As a College that believes in holistic development and nurturing of high caliber of teachers, FOSCO intermingle academic work with character training through allied activities, role-modeling and mentorship. Strong, positive religious and cultural values as well as talent development are rigorously enforced. 

 Again, FOSCO has an enviable record of academic performance among the committee of Colleges. It is one of only four Colleges of Education in Ghana to record First Class Honours for the first time ever since the inception of the Diploma in Basic Education Programme in basic teacher training. It has since produced thirty-eight more First Class Honours. 

These and many other unique attributes place FOSCO in a pedigree that makes it 'first among equals’. 

Programmes, Departments and Student Enrollment


Programme Options
Bachelor of Education (JHS Education) Science and Mathematics
English and Ghanaian Language
Geogrphy and History
RME and History
Mathematics and ICT


Departments Head of Departmant
Mathematics and ICT Ms. Doris Baah
Science Education Mr. Emmanuel Armah Ennimful
Education Studies Rev. Cannon Charles Ekyem
Vocational Skills Mr. Stephen Edgar Boadi
Arts and Social Sciences Ms. Juliana Ivy Ekuban
Languages Mr. Richard Morrison


Year Men Women Total
1 268 137 405
2 243 143 386
3 267 127 394
Total 778 407 1185

College Council

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Dr. Anthony Baabereyir

Dr. Anthony Baabereyir

College Principal
Foso College of Education